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This is personalized medicine like you've never seen it before.

99% of those tested would need to take at least one medication on the list in a non-standard way. 

Is Your Medication Making You Sick?

If you suspect that your medication isn’t doing what it should, you’re not alone:  there are approximately 2 million serious adverse drug reactions in the United States every year. Over 100,000 of these are fatal, making ADRs the 4th leading cause of death in the US. On top of this, there are countless Americans who experience less serious ADRs (like sluggishness and soreness) every day.

With pharmacogenomic testing, these unpleasant side effects are avoidable. You can put an end to the guesswork and start taking the medications that are right for you. This life-saving test can help you take back your health with safety and confidence.

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What is Pharmacogenomics?

Pharmacogenomics is the study of inherited genetic differences and how they affect drug pathways in your body. Pharmacogenmics helps you and your doctor find the medications that are right for you, identify the best way to take those medications, and avoid the medications that could hurt you—all without the trial and error of traditional medicine. This reduces the number of medications needed, simplifies the process of searching for a medication that works, and eliminates the guesswork, the wasted time and money, and the unnecessary pain of side-effects.

Your DNA is completely unique— It affects how your body will react to the world around it, and to what you put into it.

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For more information about pharmacogenomics and its impact on your health, visit our Resources Page. You’ll find explanations about our test and the science that powers it, as well as case studies on specific drugs. Learn More

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