Our Story.

My Prescription Plan isn’t just a company—it’s a story that starts with a member of our team.

In 2009, our co-founder’s father fell ill. Things grew worse, and within a couple years his father was taking over 20 medications per day. His health wasn’t improving, and he felt sluggish all the time. Eager to find a better way, the father and son came across pharmacogenetics, a personalized approach to medications and a hopeful answer. His father was skeptical at first, but he took the test.

The results surprised them both: the test showed that most of the medications were working against, not with his DNA. With some help from his doctor, his father went from taking over 20 medications to six. Not only did his father feel better than he had in a long time, he now had a personalized roadmap to show which medications were effective, which were not, and which were potentially causing future damage.

They had found answers in one simple test.

World-Class Partners. Serious Standards.

We founded My Prescription Plan to help others. Like our co-founder, our team understands how hugely beneficial pharmacogenomic tests can be, and we’re committed to helping others find the answers they deserve. We strive to treat every member of the My Prescription Plan community like family, which is why we handle every aspect of our work–from lab tests to customer support–with genuine care.

All lab work is conducted in partnership with Admera Health, a world leader in pharmacogenomic testing and research, and a pioneer in Next Generation Sequencing (NGS). Their test, PGxOne™ Plus, is the most comprehensive pharmacogenomic test available. Our lab is CLIA compliant and CAP accredited, which ensures that our staff are qualified and experienced, and that our facilities meet the highest regulatory standards.

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